All our 2019 sales will be through the internet, we will not send out a catalog.

TERMS and ORDERING information

We cannot ship plants ordered from the retail section to Arkansas, Florida, Mississippi, South Carolina, Alaska or Hawaii. We do not ship outside the United States.

If you do not indicate “no substitutions” we will substitute if a variety becomes unavailable.

Terms of Ordering for 2019
This year we will be shipping some of our slips in the old traditional style by pulling and leaving some of the roots intact. Short slips will be sent intact, longer slips will be cut back.  We will also use the newer and accepted practice adopted by universities and large commercial growers by supplying “cuts”.  This is where the slips are cut off at soil level and shipped without roots and some of the leaves also removed.  It adds an extra layer of disease control and gets the slips into a more desired size for shipping and reduces stress. They are also packed rather dry, so will be wilted and possibly yellowed. The cuts will root very fast after being planted and kept moist/wet for a few days.  Some of them might look like they are inches from death to the unknowledgeable gardener when they arrive, but will spring back to life faster. All they need is a healthy stem. Eventually we will move entirely to cuts.

If you have a question, please email us.  If you don’t hear back in a reasonable time, please email again. We had problems getting all orders with our server last year and are changing to a faster and better internet service. Hopefully this will elevate “missed” orders this year.  We can’t answer phone calls or take phone orders.  Thanks for understanding.

MINIMUM ORDER is $17.99 not including shipping, a surcharge will be added if the order does not meet the minimum. We do not ship outside the United States.


Shipping Dates for 2019 -
**Please note: Online ordering for 2018 is now Closed**

Shipping is $12.50 per order for 2019!

Please do not request a shipment date until your soil temperatures are consistently in the 60’s for an extended period. Your state cooperative extension service can provide those dates. This is typically about 4 weeks after your average frost free date. And definitely when the night time lows are in the 60’s for an extended amount of time

Due to the ongoing colder than normal Springs we have been experiencing the past few years, we are delaying shipping a week for 2018 expecting the “New Normal” trend to continue. 

Shipping to Zones 7, and above should start around the week of May 13, 2019 depending on how good the sweet potatoes are slipping. Slow to slip varieties might take longer

Shipping to Zones 6 and below (or anywhere north of Oklahoma) should begin the weeks of
May 27, 2019 or June 3, 2019.

Our last shipping will be the week of June 17, 2019.  We typically plant our stock after the bulk of the shipping season is over. 

We ship Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for instate addresses,

We have indicated some of the Varieties that are sometimes slow slippers, so if you order those varieties, don’t expect early shipment.  EARLY IS ANYTIME IN MAY.  PLEASE, if you must have your slips earlier, and cannot take a delay in shipments, please order from someone that can guarantee earlier shipment. We appreciate your business, but we want you to be happy.

We ship USPS Priority Mail.  It comes with automatic $50.00 insurance. If you have problems and need to file a claim consult your Post Master. Most packages arrive in 2 to 3 days.

We ship USPS Priority Mail.  It comes with automatic $50.00 insurance. If you have problems and need to file a claim consult your Post Master. Most packages should arrive in 2 to 3 days. Some areas of the US have very inefficient postal service and might take longer. Our Plant Guarantee is that we will send the best slips possible, but will not be liable for damages other than the cost of the slips.

By placing an order with Duck Creek Farms, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to our terms.

Please check The Availability and Updates to the website.


Sweet Potato Plant Order Form
Interested in order Sweet Potato Plants from Duck Creek Farms? Please download our Sweet Potato Order Form fill out and mail, along with your payment to:

Duck Creek Farms 
PO Box 303,
Mounds, OK 74047

*Please make sure you have checked the availability of your sweetpotato variety before placing your order.


Sweet Potato Wholesale List
We invite you to view our Wholesale Sweetpotato Slip price list 2017. Our wholesale plants are shipped directly from our grower in Alabama.

Sweet Potato Plant availability (check before ordering)
Please check our plant availability before placing your order. Some varieties sell fast, so please continue to check regularly.

Sweet Potato Culture
Need help getting started with your sweetpotato plant? Download our Sweet Potato Culture handout, which includes instructions on what to do once you receive your plants.

Sweet Potato Recipes

We are starting a page for Sweet Potato Recipes. If you have a great one you would love to share, send it to us and we’ll include it here. Please send your recipes to us via email at or by regular mail at:

Duck Creek Farms 
PO Box 303,
Mounds, OK 74047


Sweet Potato Links
Here are a few links to help you become more acquainted with Sweet Potatoes and growing Sweet Potato plants.

All About Sweet Potatoes

George Washington Carver

Little Known Facts About Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potato Council

Hobby Farm



We hope you will take time and find us at one of the Plant Shows/Herb Festivals we will be participating in during 2019.  Sorry, no retail Farm sales this year.

Online ordering for 2018 is now Closed!

Thank you for a wonderful season!
See you next year!

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