Welcome to Duck Creek Farms - growing quality tomato and bedding plants for over 30 years.

We only ship sweet potato plants at this time. Please see our Sweet Potato list for shipping details. Our Tomato/Herb plants are available for local sales only, and can be found at the below listed plant festivals.

While we try to have all the plants listed available, we sometimes have crop failures. So if you are driving long distance for a particular variety, please email and make sure it will be available.  We don’t take all varieties to all shows, as it is just too much. We will try to have most varieties available for the April 30 Sale.

Please email us at DuckCreekFarms@aol.com. Please be patient with emails, as we are very busy this time of year.

All tomato, pepper and eggplants are $2.50 each and are growing in 2 ½ inch pots. Most Herbs are $2.50 each and are in 2 ½ inch pots.

3 ½ herbs will be $3.00 each.
Visit our produce page for a list of Tomato varieties offered this year.

See Our Sweet Potato page for a list of prices.

We will have a great selection of small fruits this year. Including Blueberries, Thornless Blackberries, Figs, Grapes, Strawberry plants and Hardy Kiwi.

We will also be bringing back flowering perennials and Native Plants.

Duck Creek Farms will not be providing sweet potato slips for the 2020 season! We appologize for the inconvenience! Please continue to check back with us for more details.



Online ordering is Closed for 2020!

Email us for information

Now you can order directly online from Duck Creek Farms!

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