Sweet Potato Slips - Large Quantity Volume (Wholesale)

USA Shipment only. We cannot ship Wholesale plants to the following States: California or Arizona.  We do not ship to Hawaii or Alaska. 

ATTENTION there is a 25% surcharge for orders going west of the Rocky Mountain for Shipping.  If you are west of the Rocky Mountains, email first to get a quote. All order going west must be shipped USPS Priority Mail

Shipping begins Mid/Late April through June depending on the weather and crop timing.

If a variety becomes unavailable we will substitute for a different variety. Please suggest acceptable substitutes or we may add more of the same variety. We will try to ship at the requested date, but may be delayed during peak season.

We take Checks or US Postal Money orders only or you can purchase online using Paypal Credit Card Orders only by Paypal payable to DuckCreekFarms@aol.com. Shipments by UPS and in some rare cases by Priority mail.  All shipments West of the Rocky Mountains will be by USPS Priority Mail

Shipped in bunches of 50 slips per variety
Minimum number of plants for shipping at wholesale is 500 slips

Questions? Email duckcreekfarms@aol.com. If you don’t receive a prompt reply, please email again

We are not able to take phone orders at this time, Thanks for understanding. Please mail in the order form or contact us by email, but please be patient with a reply. You can also order online at www.duckcreekfarms.com


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Below are the varieties available for wholesale. Please list the varieties above with your order. Varieties must be ordered in a minimum of 100 slips per variety.


Red-Orange skin, orange flesh.  Thin stalks, vigorous grower, good producer, fat & heavy sweet potatoes.  A typical "yam" type you find in stores. Has pox and nematode resistance. Very dependable producer with a very loyal following. Early production.

Bonita Blanca (white)

Bunch Porto Rico

Mid-season. Regular leaf, yellow-orange skin and flesh. Needs long season to do well. Bush type, great for smaller gardens.

Carolina Nugget  

(North Carolina 1954)
Roots short, blocky with rosy skin. Flesh medium orange. Roots have good table quality. Leaves deeply cut, dark green with a purplish tinge. Increased yields and superior root shape in heavy soils. More resistance to fusarium wilt and southern root knot than Centennial.


Carolina Ruby 

Favorable with Beauregard and was superior
to Jewel in University trials. Yield similar to Beauregard for the U.S. #1 and canner grades and slightly higher for jumbo grades. Harvest dates typically 3-5 days earlier than Beauregard. Roots store well without excessive weight loss from storage rots or dehydration. Baked roots have uniform color, and moist smooth flesh, and good flavor. Slow to sprout so don’t expect early shipment.









(Louisiana 1990)
Mid-season Vigorous vines, orange skin, dark orange flesh. Very moist when cooked, above average yields. This was one of our best producers in 2010.


Mid-season. Semi-bush, greenish colored normal leaves, above average yields, tends to produce medium sized roots regardless of the season length. Has light orange skin with light orange flesh, Sweet, Moist flesh.

Korean Purple

(Heirloom of unknown origin)
Early maturity. Vining growth habit, dark green leaves, purple skin, with sweet, white flesh, good yields.


Porto Rico, Running


Eating quality superior. Flesh color apricot. Skin color copper.  Average yields. One of the most recognized and popular varieties. Mid to late season production.

Purple Delight 

Purple fleshed with dark purple skin. Flavor is typical to the other purple fleshed varieties, which is not real sweet. Vining growth with early to mid-season production. We believe this is also being sold as “All Purple” and “Purple Passion”.

White Triumph

Mid-season. Vining, regular leaf, cream skin, white flesh, average yields.